Download the latest solar resources from American Solar and learn more about solar power, solar financing and more.

AmSolar-How-Solar-Saves-1 How Solar Saves You Money & Why It’s Affordable

Find out how solar power in Arizona is an affordable energy option for many homeowners and how it saves you money. Download

AmSolar-How-Solar-Works-1 How Solar Works & Why It’s a Good Choice Today

This solar resource guide describes the benefits of residential solar power, available systems and how to choose what’s right for your home. Download

AmSolar-How-To-Evaluate-Partners-1 How to Evaluate Vendors & Select the Right Partner

When going solar, you want to be sure you choose an installer that gets the job done right. This guide highlights important considerations for choosing a solar energy company in Arizona. Download

WhyNewHomeBuyersNeedSolar-1 Why New Home Buyers Need to Ask for Solar

This guide provides information homeowners need to know about solar when they purchase a new home and why they should ask for solar when meeting with a home builder. Download

AmSolar-How-Leasing-Makes-Solar-Easy-And-Affordable-1 Solar Saves Sun City Grand Resident over $1,200 a Year

This case study details how a local homeowner decided to invest in a solar electric system, the steps he took to begin the process, how he selected the right installer and system, and the benefits he enjoys today. Download